Snooze Button
Season Episode
Revelation 12

July 12, 2010

Running time 5:25
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Restraining Orders Battle of the Exes

Snooze Button was first released July 12, 2010 and is the twelfth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Church wakes up in a fuzzy, gray version of the world. FILSS explains that it is Recovery Mode, and that she can relay messages to Tex (who is also present); however, Tex refuses to accept the connection. Giving up, Church tells FILSS to release him from Recovery Mode, but leave Tex in it, and FILSS does so--though it is unclear whether or not Tex heard him.

Still in lockdown, Sarge tells the Reds they're dead. However, Church and Tucker (who has also been unfrozen) talk to them and get them to agree (more or less) not to attack Tex if they let them out of Recovery Mode.

Back in the desert, Wash continues to try to get Doc to go in the cave. As it continues to fail, he tries to talk the Meta down, telling him that whatever he found, they can deal with it. To Wash's surprise, however, what the Meta found turns out to be the Epsilon storage unit.