They will all taste oblivion! Which tastes just like Red Bull. Which is disgusting.

–O'Malley, Season 2

Omega, also known as O'Malley, is an AI fragment that was originally implanted in Tex. He was Alpha's rage and the only fragment to inherit Alpha's ability to jump from person to person via radios. He was particularly notable for his ability to take over the mind of the person he was possessing.

General information



The Director created Omega at an unspecified time and implanted him in Tex to make her angrier and more brutal. Alarmed by how he was changing her, Tex rarely used him. He was also used by the Director to help torture Alpha. He was present when Tex attacked the Mother of Invention, but it's unclear how much he did at that time.

At some point between the Mother of Invention's crash and Tex's arrival in Blood Gulch, Omega had almost entirely taken over Tex's mind. It was at this point that he was called "O'malley" (from his name, Omega, and Tex's, Allison: Om-Alli).

Time in Blood GulchEdit

When Tex first arrived in Blood Gulch, Omega was in control of her. It wasn't until Donut blew her up with a grenade that Omega jumped out of her helmet. At first, it was unclear where he went, but when Tex returned in ghost form, she and Church realized he had possessed Caboose. They entered his mind and attacked Omega while Tucker and Lopez got the Reds to turn off their radios. The idea was that with nowhere to jump to, he would die. However, they had forgotten about Doc, whose radio was still on, and Omega possessed him instead.

While with Doc, Omega came up with a plan to destroy or take over the galaxy. After many misadventures that I will need to type up later, he ended up back in Blood Gulch when the Blues called Doc to diagnose Tucker (who is actually "pregnant" with Junior).

Plan to defeat the aliensEdit

Toward the end of season 5, it was revealed that Omega had a plan to defeat the aliens (with which humanity was fighting) by exploiting their religious beliefs regarding Junior and Tucker's sword to destroy them from within. To that end, he ended up possessing the resurrected Captain Flowers. When Tex found out about the plan, however, she decided to help him and turned on her radio to purposely be possessed.

To stop her, Church also turned on his radio to hide Tex's signal, getting the other Blues and the Reds to turn on their radios as well. Omega possessed several people in quick succession until finally returning to Tex, at which point they escaped in Sister's ship. However, the Reds had already placed Andy on-board, who exploded and severely damaged the ship.


After the ship crashes in Valhalla, Omega begins to infect the soldiers there as well. He kills many, and most of the rest are killed when the Meta arrives. The Meta takes Omega (along with Tex and Gamma). Omega finally dies in the Ehmp.