The Insurrectionists are a group opposed to Project Freelancer. Their goals and even their true identity are vague, but they have an interest in alien artifacts and consider the Freelancers their enemy.

Group HistoryEdit

The group's origins are obscure. They first appeared guarding the Sarcophagus during the Freelancer raid to retrieve it. At this time, Carolina tells the team that they are members of the UNSC loyal to the insurrection, but CT and the Insurrectionist Leader deny disloyalty to the UNSC when confronted in Season 10.

It is likely the group is a rival of some kind to Project Freelancer, some sort of semi-autonomous division. Whoever they truly are, they have some connection to Charon Industries and show a great deal of interest in alien artifacts, particularly weapons.

Major Members of the InsurrectionEdit

  1. Insurrectionist Leader
  2. Sleeveless Insurectionist
  3. Sniper Insurrectionist
  4. Robot Arm Insurrectionist
  5. Blonde Insurrectionist
  6. CT


Bases or areas controlled by the Insurrection include the Bjorndal Cryogenics Research Facility in the Atlantic Ocean on Earth, the 110-story building containing the Sarcophagus, and the Longshore Shipyards.