Francisco Montegue Zanzibar is a robot built by Sarge, along with Robot Number 2, for the Blue Team.

Francisco Montegue Zanzibar
General information

Francisco Montegue Zanzibar

First Appearance

K.I.T. B.F.F. (Keep In Touch, Best Friends Forever)
in Season 2



Armor Color


Armor Ability

hidden microphone

Francisco Montegue Zanzibar and its companion Robot Number 2 were created as Red Team's half of a deal with Blue Team to return Lopez and Donut. It contained a hidden microphone to allow Red Team to spy on the Blues. After the Reds and Blues chase O'Malley through the teleporter (excepting Sheila, Donut, and injured Tucker) after the Parabola of Mystery, Francisco Montegue Zanzibar is possessed by Tex, who retains the body until the Pelican crash in Valhalla between Season 5 and Reconstruction.

After the crash, the body is taken by the Valhalla Blue Team into their base. When the Reds and Caboose later inhabit the gorge, Caboose experiments with using the body and the Epsilon storage unit to recreate Church to no avail. Its status after this point is unknown.