Check Your Local Listings
Season Episode
Revelation 15

August 2, 2010

Running time 5:55
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Reconfiguration Standardized Testing

Check Your Local Listings was first released August 2, 2010 and is the fifteenth episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Tex and Simmons have been going through the files on-site with FILSS's help. Among other things, they find profiles on all of the Reds, Blues, and Freelancers, except for Church and Tex. One useful thing Tex finds information on, however, is a Freelancer base not far away that Church recognizes, to his surprise. She leaves to look for weapons, but FILSS asks Church, who she still confuses with the Director, if he wants to make another journal entry. He transfers all of the files to his armor, then has FILSS delete them from the database.

Tex decides to leave for the other base. Church offers to go with her, and while she initially rejects his offer for the other Reds and Blues to help, she agrees to let him come. Meanwhile, Simmons discovers a cache of Freelancer equipment modules and he and Grif prepare to experiment with them.