Chapter 5
Season Episode
Reconstruction 5

June 30, 2008

Running time 7:26
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Chapter 5 of Reconstruction was first released June 2, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Chairman tells the Director that he understands the shift from autonomy to oversight can be difficult, but his trust and patience is reaching an end.

At the Blue Base in Valhalla, Wash and the Blues are turned away from the crash site, which has been ordered locked down by Command. Wash devises a plan for Caboose and Church to use the grav-lift in Red Base to get close to the Pelican while he distracts the guards. Once there, they activate Sheila, who had been previously transferred to the ship. Both she and the ship were badly damaged in the crash, but she is still able to play the log from the crash, in which the aliens bail out and Tex tries but fails to land the ship safely.

Wash explains that after the soldiers in Valhalla reached the ship, they began to get "infected" and acted irregularly, destroying their comm tower and radios. Church confirms it was Omega's influence. Church wants to see Tex's body, but again Wash receives a call from Command, informing him of a nearby recovery beacon indicating South Dakota and Delta are in danger.