Chapter 16
Season Episode
Reconstruction 16

September 29, 2008

Running time 7:03
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Chapter 16 of Reconstruction was first released September 29, 2008.

Episode SummaryEdit

The Director responds to the Chairman by accusing him of only seeking power and attention.

Still at the entrance to the facility, Sarge plots to have Simmons break into Command's database and completely delete the Blues from their records.

Back with the AIs, Wash explains that he thought Epsilon had been deleted, but Delta's message--"memory is the key"--made him realize that Epsilon was still in storage, and Epsilon was the key to bringing down Project Freelancer. The project only had permission to use one AI, Alpha, so they tortured it to split it into fragments, the Freelancer AIs. Each fragment reflected an aspect of Alpha's personality, with Epsilon being memory.

When Epsilon was implanted in Wash, he began to get flashes of memory about what happened to Alpha. Now he plans to take Epsilon to the authorities so they can take down the Director. First, however, they need the Alpha to deal with the Meta. The Alpha was moved after the Freelancers tried to break in and take him, but Wash reveals where the Alpha went: Church is the Alpha.