And Don't Call Me Shirley
Season Episode
Revelation 7

May 24, 2010

Running time 5:23
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Towing Package Perusing The Archive

And Don't Call Me Shirley was first released May 24, 2010 and is the seventh episode of Revelation.

Episode SummaryEdit

Wash and the Meta continue to question Doc, who reveals the Reds received a distress signal mentioning sand. Back in the sandy desert full of sand, it is revealed the Reds overheard Church and Caboose's conversation and decide to follow him to the facility he mentioned, so Simmons can restore the Blues to their Command's database. Seeing them leave, Tucker decides to make a run for it on his alien motorcycle, but it turns out to be out of gas, and he runs instead.

Church and Caboose finally arrive at the facility. A hidden panel in a tree opens to reveal a console where they meet FILSS, a Freelancer AI who sounds and acts like Sheila. She initially informs them that lethal measures will be taken if they do not leave, but when she hears Church, she believes him to be the Director and disables the countdown. When he asks, she opens a hidden door to the facility and he and Caboose enter.